The 30 Most Unique Girl Birthday Party Themes

Jul 24, 2023 | Party Themes

An outside-the-birthday-box party theme can sometimes take more work, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Your daughter and her friends will remember the party for decades to come.

Below is a list of 30 of our favorite unique girl birthday party themes to help with your birthday party planning inspiration.

1. Puppy Party

If the birthday girl is a dog lover, a puppy party is a sweet and cute party theme idea. It’ll also be a big hit with guests of all ages—Because who doesn’t like puppies?

For activities, you could have guests each “adopt” a puppy (an adorable stuffed animal) that they dress up, fill out adoption paperwork for, and even prepare yummy treats for (edible dessert “dog bones”) or Pink Puppy Chow (melted candy and sugar.)

If you have the space, you could also create a “Pet Cafe” where you host live puppies for the guests to pet and play with—either from a friend’s litter, pet store, or local animal shelter. Or you could invite party-goers to bring their own dogs over to play.

2. “Late-over” Movie Party

Is the birthday girl not quite ready for a sleepover yet? Host a “late-over” party instead! A lateover is just like a sleepover (think: pizza, games, and movies), but the kids are picked up before they fall asleep.

A way to make this theme extra memorable is to set up an indoor or outdoor movie theater, complete with a big screen and a movie-theater-style snack bar stocked with an air-popped popcorn maker and real theater candy and drinks. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could create little “cars” the kids sit in like they would in a drive-in (this blog provides lots of photo examples and ideas).

Host an “intermission” either mid-movie or between back-to-back showings, where you play movie-themed games like movie trivia, movie charades, or movie pictionary.

3. A Real Tea Party

For birthday girls who love to play tea party, an authentic, “grown up-style“ tea party will make her feel like the big girl she is!

The key to a unique tea party is authentic decor. If you can, forgo plastic cups and cutlery and generic tea party kits and invest in real china. Your little girl or tween will feel extra-grown up as she sips tea or juice from a real porcelain teacup.

If you’re on a budget, shop second-hand stores and garage sales—the best part is that the tea sets don’t have to match. In fact, the party will have an air of bohemian quirky charm if they don’t.

Other decor items to include at your party:

  • Fresh flowers
  • A “throne” for the birthday girl
  • A lace or flower-patterned tablecloth
  • Bonnets and/or crowns for all the guests
  • A dress-up area for girls to try on tea party dresses, wigs, and hats
  • Cupcakes, muffins, scones, and tea sandwiches
  • Alice-in-Wonderland games to play before or after (croquet, anyone?)

This party theme lends itself well to a park or outdoor venue, but you could also host it in a tea shop, coffee shop, or restaurant as well.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, we recommend the tea room Queen of Hearts.

4. Indoor Picnic

A “picnic theme” doesn’t have to be reserved only for summer birthday girls—By having an indoor picnic party, winter birthday girls can share in the summery-fun, too.

Pack picnic baskets with gourmet sandwiches, cakes, watermelon pops, and lemonade and lay them out on blankets and pillows on the floor.

For a “Teddy Bear Picnic”-twist, have the birthday guests bring along a teddy bear. Or you can do a “Build-a-Bear”-type of activity, where kids stuff, and dress up a teddy bear they can take home with them.

String up twinkle lights and add a few bohemian teepees and tents for a more feminine aesthetic or make the party a “glamping party” and have the kids sleepover in tents. You could even create a “s’mores bar” where kids choose from various flavors of graham crackers and brands of chocolate (Reese’s peanut butter cups are a fun alternative to plain Hershey’s) and then “roast” them using an electric s’mores maker.

5. 90s Party

This is a fun party theme for tweens or teens, and their Milllennial or Gen X parents will likely get a kick out if it, too. Invite guests to come dressed in 90s attire, have a dance party, and then watch fun 90s movies like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and She’s All That.

Some 90s decor you’ll want to be sure to include:

  • Lava lamps
  • Magic 8 balls
  • Inflatable chairs
  • Ring pops

If you live in the Las Vegas area, you may want to consider hosting a 90s-themed dance party at a dance studio. We recommend Rhythms Dance Studio & Event.

Another fun addition to this party is a mobile game truck. Let the kids play fun retro 90s video games (and more recent games, too).

6. Ice Cream Social

This is one of those yummy party themes that’s so simple, it’s unique. You’ll have parents saying “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Set up a bougie sundae bar with a large selection of ice cream flavors and toppings—Make sure to include some unique toppings, like popcorn or french fries, too (kids will find this hilarious) and create a menu board with all the flavor and topping choices to mimic a real ice cream parlor. You can even provide a personalized ice cream flavor and name it after the birthday girl (here’s an easy homemade ice cream recipe if you’re feeling ambitious).

That’s it.

You might be thinking “But don’t I need…?” and the answer is “No! Keep it simple.” An elaborate sundae bar is all you need to have kids ice-screaming for more.

Protip: You’ll want to provide some time for the kids to run around to burn off all that sugar after they’re done eating all that ice cream. Consider hosting the party in a trampoline park or indoor playground so kids can run off their sugar high before you return them to their grownups (parents will thank you for this).

7. Tropical Flower Party

Luaus and beach-themed parties are common, thanks to the popularity of movies like Moana and Lilo & Stitch, which is why a tropical flower party theme works so well—It’s similar, but with a unique twist. Plus, it’s great for summer birthdays because you can host them at a pool, splash pad, water park, or in your own backyard.

The idea behind the party is simple: Flower crafts! Have the guests make tropical flower hair pins and flower leis. Or let them decorate flower pots and take a tropical flower plant home with them. You can then play all the normal games you’d expect at a picnic or luau (water balloon toss, hula hoop contest, Limbo contest, etc).

One thing you’ll want to have on hand for this theme is real tropical flowers (avoid fake flowers if you can). Go to your local nursery or florist and get some tropical flowers and palm fronds to decorate with, as fresh flowers will make the party extra authentic.

Serve tropical mocktails (and cocktails, for the adults), like pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris.

8. Crafts and Cocoa

Got a teen girl in your life that you want to throw a unique party for? Have a “Crafts and Cocoa” party where the teens can do arts and crafts while sipping hot cocoa (or mocktails, juice, etc.).

Some crafts you could include:

  • DIY hair bows
  • Beaded jewelry
  • Wall collages
  • Friendship bracelets

If you live in the Las Vegas area, we recommend hosting this event at link or link.

9. Game Night

This is a simple yet fun party theme that tweens, teens, and older kids will enjoy. Order pizza and plan a few popular board games that the group can play together, but then also feature a few birthday-girl centric games like (“How Well Do You Know the Birthday Girl?” or a personalized version of Scattergories). Award prizes to the winning teams.

If you’re planning on hosting a large group, consider turning your home or party venue into a “board game cafe” with bookshelves full of board games for kids to choose from and cafe tables set up for the children to use to play in pairs or small groups.

You can even offer a “Snack Bar” or food truck that provides appetizers, popcorn and soda or smoothies.

Link and Link are great venue choices for those that live in the Las Vegas valley. You can also hire a mobile gaming truck and have the kids play video games, for a modern take on this theme.

10. Girls’ Night

A “Girls’ Night” theme is similar to a slumber party—The main difference is that no one sleeps over. This is an ideal theme for teen girls looking for a more relaxed get-together without all the fuss (i.e., fancy decorations and cake).

Have the guests come over in their comfiest clothes (pajamas encouraged) and stock the kitchen with lots of yummy snack foods, like chips and salsa, home-made cookies, and ice cream.

For decorations, put some colorful throw pillows and warm blankets on the couch and line the coffee table with bowls of the birthday’ girls favorite candies.

You can have a romantic comedy playing in the background, but mostly just let the focus of the party be on having the girls chat and hang out.

11. Spa Party

A spa-themed party is another popular laidback idea. You might think it only works with older kids, but Elementary School-aged girls love this party theme, too.

Let the girls paint each other’s nails and make each other over, or hire a professional manicurist or makeup artist to make the party extra memorable. The makeup artist could even teach a makeup application class.

For food, serve a spa-inspired menu, with cucumber and lemon water, homemade fruit smoothies, and dainty cupcakes and tea sandwiches.

If you don’t want to host this party at home, you could hold it at an actual spa, or rent a “spa mobile” for the afternoon. Party spa mobiles are like party buses, but instead of serving booze, they do manicures. The best part is that they’ll come to you!

12. Flower Fairy Garden Party

Does the birthday girl love flower fairies? Or maybe she loves gardening? Either way, a Fairy Garden Party will be a hit with Elementary School-aged girls who love make believe and fairy tales, especially Tinkerbell.

Give each child fairy wings and a magic wand to wear and carry during the party.

For food, serve:

  • Fairy bread
  • Fruit salad
  • Rainbow-colored macaroons
  • “Fairy potion” (fruit punch or lemonade) with flower ice (edible flowers frozen into ice cubes).

Activities can include:

  • Planting a mini garden—Give each girl a cute pair of gardening gloves and have them get to work planting. Let them choose from a variety of flowers to plant and give them flower pots to decorate. This activity also cleverly doubles as a take-home party favor gift.
  • Creating a fairy garden—You can order fairy garden kits on Etsy or Amazon or go to the Dollar store and assemble the supplies on your own. You don’t need to get too fancy if you don’t want to—Inexpensive items like glass gems, crystals, flat marbles, small clay pots, and little wooden bird houses all work well. You can even have the kids pick out pebbles, moss, and twigs from a park or garden to use in the craft if you’re hosting the party in an outdoor venue.

13. Princess Academy

A list of girl birthday party themes wouldn’t be complete without a princess party theme. The “Princess Academy” party idea takes the princess theme to another level and is ideal for girls who are fans of royal-themed movies or books.

Hire an actress or have a friend play the role of Queen or “Fairy Godmother” and teach the guests “princess lessons.”

Princess lessons could include reading a princess story and then teaching guests how to sit, walk, wave, and curtsy like a proper princess. At the end of the princess lessons, each girl could receive a “Princess Academy” certificate of completion and you could even host a little graduation ceremony.

For this theme to work, you’ll want to include plenty of time for the girls to play dress up. Set out princess dresses and let the girls take turns putting them on and dancing or walking down a royal red carpet. Don’t forget crowns and a “throne” for the birthday girl.

14. TikTok Dance Party

A dance party is a fun theme for tweens or any girl who loves to dance! Turn your party venue into a dance club, with a disco ball and a song list of your daughter’s favorite dance tunes.

But for a more modern (and unique) twist to this theme, try a TikTok party! The kids will love trying all the latest TikTok dance trends.

Some activities you can do at a TikTok dance party include:

  • Freeze Dance
  • Musical Chairs
  • Dance lessons (have an instructor come in and teach the girls some of the latest TikTok dances)
  • A dance-off

For younger girls not on TikTok, you could host a Ballerina Party at a dance studio and have all the guests come dressed in tutus (or give one to each girl as a party favor).

Another fun twist on this is a Glow in the Dark Dance Party. Decorate with glow-in-the-dark party favors and give the girls glow-in-the dark scrunchies to wear in their hair and glow-in-the-dark stickers to put on their clothes. Pass out glow sticks and glow stick necklaces and bracelets for a fun “rave” vibe.

15. Candyland

Whether the kids are familiar with the Candyland game or not, a candy-themed birthday party will be a sure hit for children of all ages—even teenagers!

You’ll want to make sure to have a colorful candy buffet as the center focus of your party. You can make your venue resemble a candy store, with big plastic bins filled with an assortment of candy flavors. Give the kids goodie bags as they enter the party, with instructions that they can fill up the bags with as much candy as the bags will hold. You can even include an ice cream station with candy toppings.

For activities, you’ll want to do lots of active games for the kids to burn off all that sugar! It may also help to host your candy-themed party in a venue that naturally lends itself to active play, like a trampoline park or indoor playground.

Fun games could include:

  • A candy-filled pinata
  • Gingerbread-house decorating
  • Blindfolded candy-tasting game (Use unusual candy flavors like “Dirt” and “Soap” that you can find in Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Belly Beans)
  • Candy toss
  • Candy relay race

A popular game you could try is “Find the Candy,” which involves pieces of candy hidden in a plate full of whip cream. Each participant has to try to find the candy using only their mouths (this is a messy game, but kids love it!). The first person to find the candy wins.

For an extra unique twist to this theme, try a cotton candy-themed party. Do everything like you would for a candyland party, but rent a cotton candy-making machine and let the kids make their own cotton candy (with adult supervision, of course). Kids can also tie dye shirts cotton-candy-colors and make cotton candy mocktails.

16. Dollhouse

Transform your party venue into a dollhouse wonderland by setting up dollhouses around the venue for the guests to play with (You can shop thrift stores or online for beautiful and inexpensive vintage doll houses).

Another creative idea is to have a doll station with clothes and accessories that the guests can use to dress up their dolls. The dolls can then double as take-home party favors.

For a unique twist on the doll theme, throw an “American Girl Doll Party” or “Barbie Doll Party,” where each girl brings their favorite American Girl or Barbie doll to play with.

Activities can include:

  • Making paper dolls
  • Taking photos in a life-size doll box
  • Bow making (kids can make matching hair bows for themselves and their dolls)

17. Boho Chic

A boho chic party is great, in part because it’s so versatile—You can use it for tweens and teens, and even babies. “Boho chic” is an especially unique theme for a first birthday party.

This feminine party idea adds touches of nature and eclectic art, for a quirky, whimsical, and visually stunning birthday party.

Fun activities for a boho chic party include:

  • DIY dreamcatcher crafts
  • Flower garland making
  • Flower pressing craft
  • Mason-jar decorating
  • Candle making

For decorations, go wild with teepees, candles, and mix-matched vases of fresh wild flowers.

For younger kids, consider including a mini petting zoo with rabbits, goats, and sheep for the children to pet and play with.

18.  Paris Party 

For girls who love to travel or just like an elegant, chic party theme, a Paris Party is a sophisticated and unique party idea.

Since it’s a French-inspired party, you’ll want to make sure to make food a big focus of the event. Serve your guests macrons, chocolate eclairs, cream puffs, fruit, cheeses, baguettes, and cured meats.

For activities, try:

  • French manicures
  • Berret-decorating
  • Eiffel Tower-cookie decorating
  • A “Paris Fashion Week”-inspired fashion show (where the kids play the models, of course!)

19. Cupcake Wars Party

This is the perfect unique theme for a pre-teen girl! And it’s super simple to put on, too. Start the party off by having the kids decorate an apron and then split the guests into pairs or teams and have them make their own cupcakes from scratch. You’ll want to set out a wide variety of ingredients and decorating tools to make this extra fun (and challenging).

After the cupcakes are finished, you can have a panel of judges (parents) taste the cupcakes and decide on a winner.

You could even host the party in a bakery or at a cooking school, and have a professional baker do a baking demonstration or teach the kids how to frost a cupcake like a professional.

20. Horse-Crazy

This theme might seem unoriginal, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t consider a horse theme when brainstorming unique girl party theme ideas.

This is a fun-theme if your daughter loves horses—or if you plan on having her birthday party at a farm or horse ranch.

Decorate the venue or party space with horse shoes, hay, and bandanas, and give out horse figurines or horse plushes as party favors.

For a vintage-twist on the classic horse theme, try a Carousel Party, or for younger girls, go with a My Little Pony theme or a theme with a focus on Jessie from Toy Story.

Fun horse or cowgirl-themed games include:

  • Pin the tail on the horse
  • Horseshoes
  • Relay race on horse sticks
  • Horse charm bracelet-making

For food, serve trail mix and “horse feed” (veggies and apple slices), and some Wild West staples like BBQ, baked beans, and corn-on-the-cob.

21. Pajamas and Pancakes

If you want to have the fun of a sleepover party, without all the drama of homesick kids and 3am giggle fests, a pajamas and pancakes birthday party might do just the trick.

Have the birthday girl’s friends come over on a weekend morning in their pajamas to enjoy some homemade pancakes with fun toppings like strawberries or chocolate syrup.

Afterward, the kids can do fun sleepover party activities like decorating a pillowcase or t-shirt, painting each other’s nails, or watching a movie. You can even serve a pancake birthday cake!

You could easily do this theme at a popular breakfast restaurant as well.

22. Hollywood Glam

A Hollywood-inspired party theme is perfect for the would-be actress or social media influencer in your life.

Recreate a vintage Hollywood movie premiere by (literally) rolling out the red carpet and hiring a professional photographer to take photos of all of your guests.

Have the birthday girl and her friends come dressed up in their best impression of a Hollywood starlet—or better yet, provide the costumes for the kids to dress up beforehand.

You could even consider hosting the party in a photography or film studio, and hiring a professional makeup artist to give the birthday girl and her friends a movie-star-worthy makeover before their big Hollywood debut.

Activities can include:

  • A film award show—Have the kids write, direct, and act in their own short (5 minute) movies. Then screen them for everyone and have an awards show.
  • Charades
  • Celebrity “Guess Who?” Game
  • Movie Trivia
  • Mocktail Hour (Have servers wander around the party passing out mocktails named after famous singers and actors)

23. Coachella

This is a cute party theme for girls of all ages, but it can be an especially unique party theme for a one-year-old girl’s birthday party!

The possibilities are endless with this theme, as you can go small with just some mocktails and whimsical decor (think: twinkle lights and macrame wall hangings) or you can go big and hire a DJ or live band and a food truck or two.

Possible activities can include:

  • Flower crown-making station
  • Temporary tattoo station
  • Face painting or body painting
  • Selfie station
  • Hula hoop contests
  • Dancing

You’ll want to get the decor right. As Coachella is a bohemian and artistic music festival that takes place in the desert, you’ll want to incorporate cacti, succulents, teepee tents, colorful bean bag chairs, blankets, hammocks, and mix-matched pillows.

Lighting Round! 6 More Unique Themes

With so many unique party themes to choose from, it’s been hard narrowing down the list! Just in case you didn’t find what you were looking at in the list above, here are six more creative ideas.

24. Dinosaurs—Traditionally a “boys’ party theme,” you can make this theme a little more “girly” by incorporating a lot of pink dinosaurs and dinosaur arts and crafts. Don’t forget to do a “dinosaur dig,” as this is an activity both genders will love.
25. Superhero Party–Have kids come to the party dressed up as their favorite superheroes.
This theme works great if you’re hosting your party at a trampoline park or indoor playground, as the kids will have ample time and space to run around and test out their “superpowers” on one another.

26. Carnival–DIY some circus games and then set up booths around a room. Pass out tickets have the kids go from booth to booth to try their hand at winning a prize. Serve bags of popcorn, cotton candy, and donuts.

27. Jewelry party—Have the girls decorate jewelry boxes and make their own jewelry. Let them play dress up with lots of big, chunky and colorful costume jewelry and put on a fashion show.

28. Bubble party—This is a fun theme for young kids. Set up bubble machines around the venue or yard and let kids play with giant bubble makers. Spread out bubble wrap on the floor for kids to pop. You can even host a kid-friendly “foam party.”

29. Cheerleading party—Invite some cheerleaders to come teach the birthday girl and her friends a few real cheers. Give out pom-poms as a party favor.

30. Wild for Donuts—This is an easy theme to pull off well, as all you’ll really need is lots of yummy donuts! Some donut-themed activities could include bobbing for donuts on a string, a donut toss, and “Pin the Sprinkle on the Donut.”


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