The 30 Most Unique Girl Birthday Party Themes

Jul 24, 2023 | Party Themes

Frozen-themed parties and Disney princess parties are popular for a reason—they’re easy to host and they’re fun! But if you’re like many parents, you’re probably hoping your daughter will swap the Elsa and Encanto-inspired party this year for something a little more creative (if for no other reason than the thought of 20 little girls screeching out “Let It Go!” for two hours straight makes you wish you could Frozen-freeze your ear drums).

We’ve rounded up 30 of the most unique girl (and girly) birthday party ideas for babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, and teens. Whether the little girl in your life is turning six or 16, she’ll love that you made the effort to throw her a memorable and unique birthday party.

But first.

How to Choose a Unique Girl Birthday Party Idea

Deciding that you’re going to plan a unique party is one thing, but actually settling on an idea is another. You want to pick a theme that’s just unique enough to have people saying “Wow, that’s clever!” but not so unique that your guests take one look at your invitation and say “Huh?”

The key to landing on the right theme is remembering that you don’t have to choose something far outside of the ordinary. You can keep a “normal party theme”—like princesses, for example—and just add a unique twist. For instance, you could throw a “Pirate Princess Party” or a “RenFaire Princess Party” or maybe even a “Princesses and Pancakes” party.

The other option you have when choosing a unique girl birthday party idea is to go with a “normal theme” like a Tea Party birthday party, but focus on adding unique touches, like one-of-a-kind decor or a surprise guest, like a real-life Alice in Wonderland character appearance.

This second option might require some creative brainstorming, but that’s also where your party venue can help. Many venues can supply you with a list of vendors they work with that can provide ideas if you’re stuck trying to come up with how to give your party that extra “wow factor.”

Now, for the fun part.


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